Zav Agreement

*) Exception: Nationals of Member States of the European Union (EU) – with the exception of Croatia – or the European Economic Area (EEA) do not need agreements. This also applies to people who, in addition to a foreign nationality, have German citizenship or another EU Member State. Federal Employment Agency (BA) The placement salary closely corresponds to the maximum possible salary for students in accordance with the Federal Act on the Promotion of Education (BAföG). Currently, the minimum amount is 1360 euros per month gross with a maximum weekly working time of 40 hours. If no salary or only a very low salary is paid, the ZAV would need proof in the form of a formal obligation or a declaration of fairness to prove sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the stay in Germany. Basically, your contact person is your future employer. You will contact the ZAV in Bonn and receive information on the documents to be submitted. You can speed up the process by sending your documents to your employer in advance. After a successful examination, the ZAV gives its consent. This agreement is an official document with the seal of the ZAV and serves as proof of authorized employment in Germany, as foreign students are only allowed to work in Germany – including an internship – in Germany if the Federal Employment Agency, in this case represented by the ZAV, grants an authorization.

The employer receives this document and sends it to the student so that a visa application can be made if necessary. For detailed information on visa requirements and visa procedures, please contact the relevant German Embassy. Please note that even in the case of a visa waiver, the consent of the ZAV is still required and the final decision on the stay of foreign students from third countries rests with the respective immigration authority. However, in occupations where there is an acute shortage of skilled workers (e.g. B, natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and computer scientists), a minimum gross salary of 40,560 euros per year is sufficient. Blue Card holders can obtain a permanent residence permit under certain conditions. In addition, family members are allowed to work without restriction after arriving in Germany. Important: For citizens of third countries whose countries of origin have an intergovernmental agreement on the exercise of employment, the granting of consent is determined by this agreement.

There are a few more approved professions, but these are more difficult to reach, and one would have to study the BeschV and the agreements associated with it. European citizens, it is really easy to do an internship in Germany.To a mandatory internship, you must present a training contract from an educational institution, signed and stamped by all parties. .