What Is Service Level Agreements In Pega

You can define a service level agreement for a flow on the Processes tab of the Flow form. In my project, we have an assignment and work object SLA, but according to the objective of the client`s requirements l, the client wants sla (RESPONSE TIME SLA) at the organizational level, where we create this organization SLA? Help us design a service-level record to meet these escalation requirements and define a local case-wide action so that users can apply the record at any point in the case process. In the Case Designer, you select parent case or uppercase as the start time. Imagine I have a postpaid connection and have to pay the bill before the 25th of each month. Service providers have business policies such as, on the 25th, they send me an email with postal mail. If I haven`t paid my bill by the 27th, they will send me a reminder again. If I still haven`t paid the bill before the 30th, they will send a reminder email at a 3-day interval adding Rs.100 each day as a fine amount. Imagine you`re in a repair app. The store is like any repair request that should be resolved in 5 days. No matter how many people are working, it`s basically like following the entire life cycle. .