States With Reciprocity Agreements For Concealed Carry

(NOTE: Individuals with a valid Tennessee Handgun Carry authorization should apply to any state prior to entering the state for information on carrying such a handgun.) – a hand permit, firearms permit, firearms authorization, weapons authorization or license issued by another State is valid in that State in accordance with its conditions and shall be treated as if it were a handgun authorization issued by that State, However, unless the provisions of this Subsection(s) are interpreted in such a way as to authorize the holder of an authorization or license extra-State to carry a firearm or a weapon other than that of a handgun in that State. There are also a few cases where State A accepts holders of a concealed carrying permit from State C, but State C will NOT accept holders of State A`s concealed carrying permit. It is not reciprocal. The state of Vermont has always been carried without authorization and has never issued a permit. If Vermonters wish to travel out of state with their firearms, their only choice is to obtain authorization in a state that has reciprocal agreements with their destination state. Hidden port permits in Florida are popular because they can be used in 28 other states. All of these carry constitutional states continue to grant permissions for a “Shall Issue” policy to allow their residents to travel between states….