Should Couples Sign Prenuptial Agreement

“Marriage contracts are contracts and are usually enforced,” says divorce attorney Andrew Winters of the New Hampshire law firm Cohen & Winters. “However, due to their sensitive nature, they will be scrutinized to ensure that the agreement was genuinely voluntary and does not contain unfair or illegal provisions.” Winters says the precise requirements for applicability vary greatly from state to state. However, a common requirement is that a lawyer be mandated by each party. “It is also reprehensible that the agreement was reached very shortly before the wedding,” he adds. Nevertheless, properly executed post-ups must withstand judicial review. Many couples choose post-ups simply because they no longer have time to sign a prenup. “The next time they get married, they will have marriage contracts.” By allowing couples to determine what is useful to them, a prenup makes these state laws unenforceable, Jean said. One of the main goals for a prenup, she says, is to determine financial payments for the real estate bill and alimony. And if you are still on the fence to sign a prenup, we advise you to consult a marriage counselor to solve problems or confide in others who are experiencing the same thing in our community boards. .

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