Uc Transfer Course Agreement

Students are granted up to 70 weeks/105 credit units for courses under the division that are completed by an institution or association of institutions. For units that exceed the maximum, a corresponding credit is granted for appropriate course work that goes beyond this unit limit and can be used to meet the requirements. Identify UC Davis` Major Guide or ASSISTANCE, the official articulation base for California colleges and universities that pass on or meet admission, general education or primary education requirements. Important Preparation – The main preparation agreements define the lower department courses required for a given main subject in a given four-year institution. UC TAP helps you follow the course work needed to move from every Community College to a UC campus. The UC TAP is also your application for a guarantee transfer (TAG) on each participating UC campus. As soon as you are ready to submit your UC application, UC TAP imports most of your information! However, some courses are not transferable to the UC. The following types of courses do not receive. B UC transfer credit: to be admitted, students must be in a good academic state before the transfer (2.00 GPA deserves the last mandate and cumulative). If they are not in good academic condition, they are advised to contact a university/school counsellor on the UC campus they have visited or are visiting to learn how to improve their academic prestige.

Admission to college as a college transfer is an inexpensive way to earn your bachelor`s degree. A successful transfer requires careful research and planning to ensure that you are ready for the rigor of high school at a first-class university. UC Davis and the University of California offer various resources to position themselves for admission to a UC campus. The IGETC is available to students graduating from a California community college to meet the general educational requirements of UC or California State University. With a few exceptions, students who choose the IGETC model should complete it at their California Community College. Students successfully admitted to UC Davis must submit an IGETC Diploma Certificate to UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions prior to enrollment. UC has transferable Course Agreements (TCA) with all California community colleges. These agreements define the courses we get to get a bachelor`s degree. All California community colleges also have agreements with UC campuses that determine which transferable courses can be used to meet various types of general/width education and important preparation requirements.

These agreements were designed to ensure continuity in students` university programs. To find out if your university courses are transferable to UC, visit ASSIST and select your Community College. Lists are updated throughout the year, so check ASSIST regularly to make sure you have the most up-to-date information. Course-by-course agreements Course-by-course agreements define community courses that are comparable or “acceptable” with the corresponding courses on a given UC campus. Learn more about transferring credits to students in the California community and students from other four-year institutions and two-year non-government colleges.