Ercot Standard Form Agreement

ERCOT Revokes Electricity Provider Rights Retail As a Market Actor September 4, 2020 Email This Story Copyright 2010-20 Reporting by Paul Ring – The following story is made available free of charge to ECsystem Infos readers, ERCOT`s exclusive EDI supplier indicated in an interview response to the Texas Utilities Commission that ERCOT had revoked the rights to Axon Power and Gas LLC as a market player and denounced Axons SFA [Standard Form Market Participant Agreement] with ERCOT. As has already been reported, Axon Power and Gas had already fallen behind in 2019 with a TDU tariff. As has already been reported (story here), Axon has sold his customer book and currently serves no customers. As has already been reported, a petition by the Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas to revoke the Axons certificate for alleged breaches of TDU tariffs is before the PUC (history here), and such a procedure is being referred to. During this mitigation, Axon indicated that it will not take any steps to register new customers. As previously reported, axon reported payments to several TDUs and Axon in 2020, That he discussed with PUC employees to address outstanding issues and return to the Axon market in an August 14 state report with PUCT stated that “Axon and staff have made considerable progress towards a proposal for a solution to this procedure and it was anticipated that a proposed transaction contract would be distributed to other parties within two weeks. The events that followed led to a substantial and substantial change in the terms of the settlement agreement.┬áIn a notification to the PUCT of 4 September 11, ERCOT stated: “On 11 August 2020, ERCOT Axon Power and Gas LLC (Axon) has indicated that this is a major breach of ERCOT`s ERCOT section 16.11.5, credit control and credit exposure by ERCOT – i.e. there is no need to submit audited annual accounts for 2019. In order to remedy the serious breach, Axon (a) had to submit its 2019 annual accounts to ERCOT by ERCOT by August 31, 2020 or (b) immediately inform ercot of the reasons why the injury could not reasonably be healed within 14 working days, to take the necessary steps to remedy the infringement within three working days and to try to remedy the breach diligently, pending the completion of the treatment or efforts.

See Section 8 (A) (2) of the ERCOT Protocol, Section 22, Appendix A: Operator Agreement on Standard Forms. Axon was unable to repair the material failure until August 31, 2020. On September 1, 2020, ERCOT axon withdrew its operator rights and terminated its SFA with ERCOT due to Axon`s failure under the SFA and Protocol Section Docket 49634 ADVERTISEMENT NEW EMPLOIS on NEW EMPLOIS! — VP, Finance — Retail Supplier – NEW! — Sr. Sales Executive — Retail Supplier – NEW! — Energy Systems Analyst — Retail Supplier – Billing Specialist — Retail Supplier — Texas – Retail Energy Account Executive — Houston – Business Development Manager Email This Story Copyright 2010-20 Energy Choice Matters copyright 2010-20. If you would like to share this story, please email or post the link to the site; Copying, redistributing or unauthorized redistributive is prohibited.