Emis Data Sharing Agreement

EMIS, the UK`s leading provider of computer systems for family doctors and commissioners, must enable the direct exchange of data with all other GP systems – and support new ways of working in the NHS. After an agreement with the TPP to allow direct interoperability between their clinical systems – free of charge – EMIS is preparing to sign an agreement with INPS and Microtest to offer similar functions. PKB processes a subset of files to transfer data, including: EMIS is a general electronic medical record system in the UK. You can set up an automatic data transfer for patient data from an EMIS family doctor`s office in PKB via the EMIS Patient Data Extract Service (PDES) software. Transmission can only begin with the permission of a family doctor who is responsible for the data of the family doctor`s office. The processing manager must formally sign the contract for the approval of the data transmission and may suspend the authorization at any time in the future. In addition, some sensitive Read V2 codes and EMIS proprietary codes are excluded from the patient`s file, as agreed with our partners. This means that the data points containing these codes are not displayed in the patient`s protocol. To access EMIS web-sharing agreements, you must have the corresponding Role Access Control (RBAC) activities in your role profile: 5.Click on the “Data Sharing Manager” menu strip on the agreement. The agreement is enabled for your organization (i.e. other organizations can view your data).

However, you cannot display information from other organizations until they activate the agreement. Once this data transmission is activated, EMIS patients from the family physician`s office are created in the family physician`s team and demographics, allergies, diagnoses and medications are reconstructed from the data contained in the EMIS extract. After the initial addition of all historical data, the data set is updated daily in The PKB from the daily EMIS extract. Once your family doctor`s office has signed an ISA PKB, PKB requests that your practice be set up for the EMIS patient data extraction service. After 10 business days, the data sharing agreement can be activated on the EMIS web to release and display data in PKB. Click Share>Profits to see the teams the patient shares and the level of access. PKB creates and updates diagnoses, allergies and medications using the clinical codes it has received from EMIS. In case of allergies and diagnoses, PKB searches for the Read v2 code received or, if it is not available, the custom EMIS code to determine the name of the privacy and the type of data to use. 4.In corresponding section in the navigation area, click on the chord you want to activate.

Details of the agreement are displayed in the right area.